No chimney, No problem. Flueless gas fires are a modern type of fireplace which can go virtually anywhere in your home, without the need of a chimney. We offer a range of the highest quality flueless fires from the best brands. There simple design means that theses gas fires are easy to install. We have flueless fires which mount of the wall, as well as flueless gas stoves. The key to a flueless gas fire is efficiency. Rather than lose heat to a chimney, all the heat from these fires goes directly to the room it is in.

Aside from these flueless gas fires, we also have other types of gas fires, such as wall mounted gas fires, hole in the wall gas fires and balanced flue gas fires.

Flueless Gas Fires

Burley Latitude Flueless wall mounted gas fireBurley Latitude Flueless wall mounted gas fire
Burley Perception flueless Inset gas fireBurley Perception flueless Inset gas fire
Burley Environ flueless Inset gas fireBurley Environ flueless Inset gas fire
Burley Ambience flueless gas stove

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