Bellfire View Bell XXL 3 Hole In the wall Gas Fire


Contemporary three-sided gas fireplace, with the perfect view from every angle. The Bellfire Bell XXL 3 is ideal for building into furniture, creating a modern and sleek look to any home.

  • Sleek, contemporary three-sided fireplace.
  • Ideal for building in, combined with television or furniture
  • fire visible from many different angles
  • Polished or anti-reflective glass
  • Available in many different sizes.


Bellfire gas fires offer large heat output, premium realistic fires and remote control as standard. A huge range of gorgeous additional features are available as well as a huge range of frames on the majority of fireplaces. These highly efficient gas fireplaces offer the most realistic flame pattern, with the frame having a minimalist, sleek and modern look to them.

Developed with the intention to achieve the perfect view of flames from every angle, the Bell XXL 3 does not disappoint. The three sided fire perfectly suits any home due to its simplistic look and realistic flames. The skinny frame is the ideal shape to be built into walls and can easily be combined with televisions and furniture.

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Energy Label A
Fuel Gas
Model Built In
Fire View 3-sided Fire
Power 10.9 kW, 11.4 kW, 10.7 kW
Smoke gas exit / Air intake 130-200mm