Bellfire Horizon Bell XXL 3 Gas Fireplace


The Bellfire Horizon Bell XXL 3 gas fireplace is a gorgeous and stylish wide fireplace, creating a great feature in any home.

  • horizontal closed gas fire.
  • Simply press the button to light the fire
  • Different burner options
  • Polished or anti-reflective glass
  • Available in many different sizes.


Bellfire gas fires offer large heat output, premium realistic fires and remote control as standard. A huge range of gorgeous additional features are available as well as a huge range of frames on the majority of fireplaces. These highly efficient gas fireplaces offer the most realistic flame pattern, with the frame having a minimalist, sleek and modern look to them.

The Bellfire Horizon Bell XXL 3 is the widest fireplace in the bell series. The built in horizontal gas fire is perfect for those who do not have much room in their living area but still want a fireplace feature. The highly efficient fire displays a premium flame looking as realistic as a real fire.

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Energy Label B
Fuel Gas
Model Built In
Fire View Frontal Fire
Power 12.3 kW, 12.7 kw
Smoke gas exit / Air intake 130-200mm