Bellfire Smart Bell 45-60 Gas Fire


The perfect fire for renovations, the Bellfire Smart Bel 45-60 is a gorgeous concentric insert fireplace.

  • Particularly suitable for renovations.
  • requires very little depth, only 35 cm
  • can be fitted with fan
  • High efficiency rate and beautiful fire view
  • Supplied standard with Magnifire


Bellfire gas fires offer large heat output, premium realistic fires and remote control as standard. A huge range of gorgeous additional features are available as well as a huge range of frames on the majority of fireplaces. These highly efficient gas fireplaces offer the most realistic flame pattern, with the frame having a minimalist, sleek and modern look to them.

This simplistic fireplace is the ideal fit in replace of a tradition fire. Designed to fit into most traditional fireplace openings, The Smart Bell 45-60 is the perfect fit to upgrade to a modern and sleek gas fire. With the life like flame pattern and glowing ambient lighting as standard,  the Smart Bell 45-60 is the perfect option to fit into any hole in the wall or traditional fireplace opening.

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Energy Label A
Fuel Gas
Model Built In
Fire View Frontal Fire
Power 4.4 kW
Smoke gas exit / Air intake 100-150mm