Bellfires Smart Bell 65/55 Gas Fire


4 Week lead time.

The Bellfires Smart Bell 65/55 is a contemporary insert gas fireplace. It has a high efficiency and a large glass flame view display.

This appliance would be ideal for building in, combined with television or furniture.

The design is a sleek, high quality finish and allows for very little depth (35cm). Making it ideal for renovations.

It produces a whacking 9kW. The flame effect created is mesmerising and it flows throughout the full extent of the fuel bed.

The ceramic logs are moulded in such a way they pronounce the flame effect. They are very high quality and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference from real logs.

This is a balanced flue system appliance.


Weight 160 kg
Brand Bellfires
Heat Output 3-5 kW, 9-12 kW
Placement Inset
Style Contemporary
Efficiency Class A
Flue Type Balanced Flue
Fuel Type Gas
Sides 1 Sided

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