Burley Ambience flueless gas stove


handsome stove with the classic good looks and homeliness of a traditional wood stove. This flueless gas stove gives you the ability to have a gas stove where normally you wouldn’t. With a flueless gas stove there is no need or requirement for a flue or chimney. All you need is to fit a vent in an external wall in the same room. These stoves are also 100% effecient.
Oxygen depletion pilot system for safety, which will automatically shut off the appliance should any dangerous fumes be detected
Realistic Log Effect
LPG Conversion[mk_custom_list]

  • 100% Efficiency rating
  • Manual or remote control
  • No chimney required
  • 1 Year guarantee
  • Easy Installation
  • Dimensions
  • Height – 620 mm
    Width – 540 mm
    Depth – 335 mm



Burley Ambience Flueless Gas Stove
The handsome cast aluminium Burley Ambience Flueless Gas Stove has all the classic good looks and homeliness of a traditional wood burning stove without the cost, inefficiency or mess
Does not require a chimney or flue
Available in natural gas or LPG versions
Realistic log effect
Glass fronted, catalytic traditional style stove
Completely freestanding
Can be situated anywhere subject to a minimum size room of 40 cubic metres and minimum ventilation of 100cm2 (air-brick)
Impressive 3.5kW direct heat output!
Manual control.