Burley Latitude Flueless wall mounted gas fire


With a flueless gas fire there is no need or requirement for a flue or chimney. All you need is to fit a vent in an external wall in the same room. These stoves are also 100% effecient.
Oxygen depletion pilot system for safety, which will automatically shut off the appliance should any dangerous fumes be detected.


  • 100% Efficiency rating and 2.5kw heat output
  • Manual
  • No chimney required
  • 1 Year guarantee
  • Variety of trims to chose from
  • Dimensions
    Height – 494 mm Width – 858 mm Depth – 160 mm



This Burley Latitude Flueless Wall Mounted Gas Fire is available in a large variety of styles and is the perfect way to enjoy a real, flickering flame. These are flueless, and therefore they do not require a flue or chimney. The cutting edge technology means the Latitude Range can be installed in any rooms with a vent in an external wall.

These fires also come with a huge range of trims and they are very simple to install as they easily hang on the wall. This means you can save money on fitting and also your valuable time.

Burley Latitude fires are also some of the safest on the market, thanks to their oxygen depletion pilot system for safety. This means the appliance will automatically turn off should any dangerous fumes be detected. This ensures you have the highest mark of safety and can allow you to be the most comfortable possible.

This gas fire is also 100% efficient, which means you will save on your bills and be warmed in comfort knowing the Burley Latitude Gas Fire is on your side.

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Please see below for the choice of trims:

Orbital / Contrast Trim is £250.00

Mirage Trim / Satin is £300.00