Burley Perception flueless Inset gas fire

With a flueless gas fire there is no need or requirement for a flue or chimney. All you need is to fit a vent in an external wall in the same room. These stoves are also 100% effecient.
Oxygen depletion pilot system for safety, which will automatically shut off the appliance should any dangerous fumes be detected
LPG Conversion

  • 100% Efficiency rating and 2.5kw heat output
  • Manual or remote control
  • No chimney required
  • 1 Year guarantee
  • Variety of frets and trim to chose from


The Perception range of flueless gas fires from Burley is available in a wide variety of styles and is the perfect way to enjoy real, flickering flame even if your property doesn’t have a chimney or flue. Suitable for inset installation into a fireplace or can be made free-standing using the optional spacer.


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