Cocoon Fires- Pedestal Standing Cocoon


3 – 6 week lead time.

Cocoon Pedestal is a free-standing bioethanol fireplace. This model is with a black globe and black base. The fireplace is easy to move and doesn’t require any installation.




The Cocoon Pedestal is a freestanding bio fireplace and doesn’t require any power connection, and therefore the installation is quite simple, and it is possible to move the fireplace every time when it’s not ignited. That means that it is possible to take the fireplace out on the terrace, where you can enjoy the flames on a summer evening. Just remember to take the fireplace inside after use, to keep it clean and nice.

If you not are sure about which type you like the most – a freestanding or ceiling hanging, then don’t worry! The cocoon is made so it is possible to transform the freestanding to a ceiling hanging bio fireplace. In case of that, you just need a ceiling rod which are possible to purchase.

Technical data


Bioethanol Fireplace


Ø: 60 x H: 38 cm | Total length with pedestal 74 cm


Carbon steel


27 kg


1.5 Liter

Heat output

3.6 kW


Matte Black

Burner type

Manual Burner: Adjustable flame

Fuel/ Propellant

Bioethanol 96,6% alcohol


Up to 5 hour per filling

Requires electricity


Additional information


Black with Stainless Steel Stand, Black with Black Stand