Dimplex Dummy Flue


Replacing the flue pipe on your electric stove requires taking the time to select a quality piece that has been crafted with care, yet has an attractive appearance. Dimplex dummy flue pipe offers both in one package, providing the perfect solution for your immediate needs.

There’s no denying that the Dimplex dummy flue pipe possesses that high standard of quality you need. The 90 degree bend in the pipe gives the pipe an air of authenticity and its matt black finish will compliment most electric stoves. The pipe is designed specifically for electric stoves, where the stove is designed to resemble classic wood-burning stoves.

Having been designed for electric stoves, the Dimplex dummy flue pipe should never be used as a replacement on either gas or solid fuel stoves. The pipe may cover the vent, which can create safety and health concerns with smoke effect stoves. The Dimplex dummy flue pipe is intended to enhance the visual appearance of your electric stove, but cannot function as a working replacement part on other stoves.

You’ll find that the Dimplex dummy flue pipe is crafted with care and only the most reliable materials. This means you’ll be rewarded for your investment with a piece that will last for many years to come. Each pipe is designed to add quality to your stove and create a realistic representation that will add classic charm and a rustic feel to your home.

Not compatible with GAS or SOLID FUEL stoves & may not be 100% compatible with smoke effect stoves, without covering the vent

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