Fireline FPi8 Woodburning Cassette Stove

A classic appearance with a modern twist, the Fireline FPi8 wood-burning cassette stove is guaranteed to have a presence in your room. The superb model is available with a choice of a three or a four sided trim. This is the show-stopper of the Fireline wood-burning stove range.


  • Brand: Fireline
  • Material: Steel
  • Output: 8%
  • Efficiency: 78%
  • Colour: Black
  • Dimensions: H: 595mm, W: 743mm. 4 sided: H:645mm, W:743mm, Depth inset: 347mm



A wood-burning classic with a modern twist, the Fireline FPi8 Stove features a truly stunning glass viewing window. This wide flame window gives this model a huge presence in the room, unlike other wood-burning stoves. This particular model is made of Steel with a sleek, Black finish.

The Fireline FPi8 stove comes with an extra large fire chamber that will take larger logs and fuel, which can result in a longer burn. The wood-burning cassette therefore also offers a more efficient output. You won’t have to worry about cutting logs down to fit in this fireplace (logs over 1/2 metre in length can be used).

Charlton and Jenrick are a leading supplier and manufacturer of fireplaces, stoves and surrounds. Established in 1986, this fireplace is designed and hand made in the Charlton and Jenrick factory in Telford, Shropshire. The gas and electric fires and wood-burning stoves are sold through a dedicated network of fire tradespeople and specialists. By The Fire are pleased to stock a wide range of Charlton and Jenrick fireplaces.

The manufacturer’s brands include Fireline, Infinity, Paragon, Katell and Pure Vision. No matter which brand you choose, you will experience a warm welcome in your room from your Charlton and Jenrick fireplace.