Flamerite Vega Electric Suite

The Flamerite Vega 1360 Electric Suite is a beautiful cinderwood log effect electric fireplace – create the perfect atmosphere with the multi coloured downlights. Contact By The Fire for quick and easy installation. The Vega is available in two different sizes – 1150mm or 1520mm.

  • Manufacturer: Flamerite Fires
  • Output: 1000w-2000w
  • Finish Options: Grey, Ivory, White
  • Height: 1150mm / 1520mm
  • Width: 1100mm / 790mm
  • Depth: 300mm / 300mm


The Flamerite Vega Electric Suite is a stunning electric fireplace which combines contemporary design with 30 years of expert craftsmanship. The modern looking fireplace is perfect for a new living space, dining room or bedroom.

The Vega 1360 Suite comes with a remote control and multi-coloured downlights. The remote includes a dimmer to adjust light settings and the LED flame effect. However, the fire can also be controlled by the Flamerite Fires app – available on all major mobiles and tablets. The Vega comes with cinderwood log effect and a radiant burn or white and glass pebbles. The Fireplace conceals a powerful fan heater which creates an output of 1000 – 2000 w of heat. A variety of finishes are available including smooth or a textured paint. Colours available include Ivory Cream, Arctic White or Pastel Grey. The shelf option can come in either an Alto Silver or Paint finish.

This is an average sized fireplace and can be installed easily into most rooms. The Flamerite Vega Electric Suite Fireplace can be installed onto a flat wall – contact By The Fire for installation and more information.

Flamerite Fires was founded in 1999, carrying on a family tradition of manufacturing high-quality fireplaces for modern homes. The energy, enthusiasm and creativing has not faded over the last 20 years, Flamerite has won numerous awards for their top quality fireplaces and innovative electric fires. Flamerite were pioneers in the electric fire industry, becoming one of the first companies to use low-energy LEDs and more recently developing a mobile-friendly app to control their fireplaces.