Gazco Stockton 5 Gas Stove


The Gazco Stockton 5 Gas Fireplace is now available from By The Fire. The Stockton Gas Stoves have been apart of the Gazco family for an extremely long time and they remain one of their most popular traditional gas stoves. The Stocktons’ are available in Small, 5, Medium sizes. The Small Gas stove is designed to be and small enough to fit in the tightest of openings.

    • Fuel type: Gas
    • Heat Output: 1.95 – 3.40kW
    • Efficiency: BF: 80% & CF: 73%
    • Colours: Matte Black
    • Fuel Bed: Logs, Coals
    • Control: Manual, Standard, Programmable Upgrades.




Using cast iron for the door and a heavy gauge steel for the body, the Gazco Stockton 5 Gas Fireplace combines simple, understated lines with the manufacturer’s famously-superb flame technology. This medium size provides superior flames, with carefully positioned flame ports which can ensure a varied and natural display amongst the hand painted logs.

You can expect a heat output of 2.78-5.40kW from the Gazco Stockton 5 Gas Fireplace and an efficiency of 78% for conventional flue chimneys, this is boosted up to 90.8% for balanced flue chimneys. The Stockton 5 Stove comes with Manual Command Controls but this can be upgraded to a programmable, thermostatic control.

Nothing creates an inviting atmosphere quite like a Gazco stove. The centerpiece of any home, it will add warmth and character to any room or living space – even if you don’t have a chimney. Whether you want to achieve a minimalist, contemporary look or have your heart set on a more traditional stove, you can find the perfect stove from our Gazco range at By The Fire Bournemouth.

When you choose Gazco, you are choosing superb quality and innovative fireplace technology. With over 30 years of proven experience building quality Gas and Electric fires, you can be confident when you select a Gazco fire, you are getting the best of British design and manufacturing.

By The Fire Bournemouth are proud to be part of Gazco’s expert retailer network, By The Fire can sell, supply and install the Gazco Stockton Medium Gas Fireplace to your home.

Stove Height Width Depth Weight Flue Diameter Energy Efficiency**
Stockton 5 CF 544mm 481mm 337mm 55kg 127mm (5″) E
Stockton 5 BF 544mm 481mm 337mm 55kg 152mm (6″) B

**When used with Programmable Thermostatic Upgradeable remote control

Stockton 5 Gas Stoves Dimensions

Additional information

Type of Flue

Conventional, Balanced