Icon Double Sided Slimline Bioethanol Firebox FBDS2000 (Black)


3 – 6 week lead time.

A double-sided built-in bioethanol fire with the Slimline 1400 burner. The flames are adjustable and can be seen from 2 rooms. You get an elegant and stylish design and an easy installation.


FBDS2000 is a double sided built-in fireplace form Icon Fires. The burner is a 1400 Slimline from Icon Fires, which have a burning time up to 9 hours pr. filling. This fireplace have a stylish design and an easy installation. Can be installed in a new or an existing wall.


Verifiable flame

Icon Fires burner makes it possible to adjust the size of the flame, heat output, stability, effectivity and the consumption of bioethanol.

Contrasts highlights the flame

The black color inside the bio fireplace highlights the flames and makes a fantastic realistic focus.

No smoke, no chimney

FBDS2000 burns on bioethanol, a environmentally friendly and renewable energy source, which not makes any soot or smoke when burning.


Technical data


Bioethanol Fireplace


H: 60 x W: 200 x D: 45 cm.


SS304 Stainless Steel


43,25 kg


8,15 Liter

Heat output

9,8 kW



Burner type

Manual Burner: Adjustable flame | Icon Fires Slimline – 140 cm

Fuel/ Propellant

Bioethanol 96.6% Alcohol


Up to 9 hours burn time per filling

Requires electricity