Icon Slimline Firebox 1100 Built in Bioethanol Fireplace (Stainless Steel)


Modern bioethanol fireplace in brushed steel. The black background of the fireplace is a nice contrast to the orange flames, creating a stunning look.


The SFB1100 is a built-in bioethanol fireplace from Icon Fires, which uses their own Slimline 800 burner that provides up to 8 hours of burn time per filling of bioethanol.

Icon Fires SFB1100 offers a stylish design and easy installation, in both new and existing walls.

A automatic bioethanol pump is included with all Icon Fires fireplaces.

Controllable Flame

Icon Fires fireplaces allows you to adjust the size of the flame, heat output, stability, efficiency and bioethanol consumption.

Contrasts highlights the flame

The black interior of the fireplace accentuates the vibrant colours of the flame creating an attractive point of visual focus.

Produces no smoke, no need of flue

Icon Fires burners use bioethanol, an environmentally friendly and renewable source.


Technical data


Bioethanol Fireplace


H: 60 x B: 110 x D: 33.6 cm.


SS304 Stainless Steel


43,25 kg


4,5 Liter

Heat output

4,35 kW


Brushed Steel

Burner type

Manual Burner: Adjustable flame | Icon Fires Slimline – 80 cm

Fuel/ Propellant

Bioethanol 96.6% Alcohol


Up to 8 hours burn time per filling

Requires electricity