Flamerite Jaeger 1360 Electric Fire


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The larger version of Flamerite’s Jaeger collection, the Jaeger 1360 is keeps the original model’s stunned LED lights and 2000W output. It also keeps the same design options, including the finishes and the 3 fuel beds (pebbles, glass beads and logs). Much the other smaller model, this fire is placed onto a wall rather then inside it, meaning wall depth is not a factor to fitting this fire. Finally, this fire comes standard with either a manual and “Smart eControl” system that allows you to control your fire from an app on your phone or the additional tablet keypad option.

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height: 550mm

width: 1360mm

depth: 255mm

Additional information

Flame Effect

Radia, Nitra

Fuel Effect

Pebbles / Glass Beads, Cinderwood