Saltfire ST-X5 Tall


Stock expected late March



Saltfire ST-X5 Tall stove is the latest addition to Saltfire’s range of ultra-clean-burning stoves. The ST-X5 Tall has a one piece body rather than a seperate stand

The ST-X5 comes with a particularly large firebox for a 5 kW model allowing a much greater range of heat output and for larger logs to be burned. It has a 5 kW output, and approx 82% efficiency, and is the mid-sized model of the new Saltfire ST-X range.

There are very few stoves which are as advanced as this are currently in production. It has simple & easy to operate user friendly controls and is also much cleaner than the required standard for “DEFRA” exemption, which means it can legally be used to burn wood anywhere in the UK including the strictest of smoke control zones, also comes with a large viewing window for amazing views of the fire.

Overall Height (A) 835mm
Overall Width (B) 460mm
Overall Depth (C) 370mm
Rear to Centre of Top Flue (F) 120mm
Width to Centre of Top Flue (E) 230mm
Height to Centre of Rear Flue (D) 730mm

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Multifuel, Bioethanol