Stuv 16 Woodburning Inset Stove


3 sizes available
Up to 80% peak efficiency
Frameless or 3-sided frame
External air kit available

Prices from £2495depending on options chosen.

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The technology is the same too: Stûv includes its proven technology that burns the fuel in the most effective way, maximizing heat and minimizing particles and pollutants released into the atmosphere. The same airflow also crosses the inside of the glass to keep it clean.
Heat is emitted by both convection and radiation and very little is lost up the chimney or flue.
The Stûv 16-in is available in three size to suit most living rooms and there are three frame choices too. A slimline frame allows you to decorate right up to the fire aperture while a three-sided anthracite frame can be added to give that little extra touch to the fire. A further bespoke frame (shown in stone in the photographs) can also be specified – please talk to our sales staff if you are interested in this option.
As with all Stûv fires, an external air kit is available with the Stûv 16-in.


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