Stuv 21 Inset Woodburning Stove


Clever retractable glass feature
Wide choice of panels and sizes
20 different colours of panel available
Barbecue option
Easy maintenance




The Stûv 21 fire gives you a good choice of options to have the model you want.
A beautiful, wide fire, the 21 comes with a glass front that can be raised if required – at one setting, you can raise the glass halfway (to give the feeling of an open fire but with the reduced chance of backdraughts) or completely, so you can have a fully open fire.
There is very little to go wrong in the Stûv 21 but, should it do so, all the mechanical components are to be found in the frame, easy to hand.
The 21 is suited to many interiors: its simple lines look great in a contemporary or period house. To help fit the fire in your room, there is a wide range of looks available. To start, there is a choice between a thin, barely noticeable frame of a wider anthracite version.
Then there are the surrounds available. You can opt for the simple, set-in-the-hearth look or choose one of the funky surrounds available: these can be had in one of 20 colours too.
And the size is not standard either. There are eight sizes and orientations to choose from so, combine these with the surrounds available, and you have a fire that will suit everyone.
Should you want it, there is even a barbecue attachment for the open fire selection.

The Stûv 21 is a fire to excite any home.
Choosing the right fire can be difficult and it is worth learning how to look after it too: here are some useful tips from Country Life magazine.
A spectacular two-sided version of the Stûv 21 stove is also available.
Please call By The Fire on 01202 760760  to check availability and cost of the options on both versions.

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