Stuv 6H Wood Burning Stove


Affordable, easy to install, with new options, the Stûv 6-H wood-burning stove gives as many people as possible access to a fireplace designed for small spaces and energy-efficient homes. Small in size, heating power and price, this stove proves to be great for its comfort and performance that respects the environment.

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The Stuv 6-H is a contemporary wood burning stove that also fits perfectly into a fireplace opening. The sleek and stylish Stuv 6 provides between 4 and 9 kW of heat output more than enough to heat a room.

Dimensions (HxWxD)

  • Stuv 6/60: (65 cm x 60 cm x 43 cm)
  • Stuv 6/70: (72.5 cm x 70 cm x 43 cm)
  • Stuv 6/80: (80 cm x 80 cm x 43 cm)

An easy to install wood stove that is energy efficient and eco design ready for 2022. This wood stove is rated A efficiency rating at 80%. A compact stove that creates an impact in any room.

The Stuv 6 is available in a greyish black colour that has a matt finish. This looks very smart and will be a compliment to any home interior for any home.

Available in 3 different model sizes; the Stuv 6-h 60, Stuv 6-h 70, Stuv 6-h 80 with the end number representing the height and width difference.

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60 x 65, 70 x 73, 80 x 80