The Scartlon Bathstone Surround


The Scartlon Bathstone Surround is a modern twist on a classic design with smooth and luxurious features. Principal Stone’s bath stone fireplaces are perfect for stoves, solid fuel inserts, gas or electric fires.


  • Material: Bathstone
  • Mantel/Head: 54″/1372mm
  • Hearth: 60″/1524mm
  • Overall Height: 45″/1143mm
  • Opening: Width: 36″/915mm x Height: 34″x864mm



The Scartlon Bathstone Surround is a unique, modern twist on a classic design. This surround is versatile and a suitable place for stoves, solid fuel, gas or electric fires.

With meticulously crafted fireplaces, timeless designs and lasting bathstone quality, Principal Stone make buying a fireplace easy. The Principal Stone Scartlon Surround is no exception! A fireplace should be the focus of your room and the Scartlon Bathstone Surround combines quality craftmanship and luxurious design, making this fireplace a perfect centerpiece.

Principal Stone utilise traditional carving methods that have been passed down the generations for thousands of years. Each of the Principal Stone Fireplaces in the range are made with Bathstone, selected and sourced from the original Bathstone quarries in Somerset, UK. Shop our entire range of Principal Stone fireplaces and surrounds. Bathstone has a traditional appeal, a historic value and has been used extensively as a building material throughout Southern England for churches, public houses and railway stations in the past.

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