Verine Passion HE

The Passion HE gas fire is the first 16” x 22” gas fire to feature a truly authentic looking log effect fuel bed. It features a stunning dancing flame effect, highlighted by a glossy black interior and framed by a large glass fronted viewing window.


  • Manufacturer: Verine
  • Output: 3.95kW
  • Finish Options: Gold, Silver
  • Height: 594mm
  • Width: 489mm
  • Depth: 299mm



This Verine Passion HE gas fire can be styled to your choice using with a gold or silver finish, allowing it to match your home perfectly and compliment the rest of your room. The authentic looking log bed also gives a classic, traditional feel that everyone loves. Dually, this fire also boasts a modern, glossy black interior finish which gives it a high look of class.

The Verine Passion HE gas fire has thermostatic operation, which means it will automatically respond to temperature changes within your home and adapt to make the room more comfortable for you and your family. You can also change the temperature yourself, using either  a manual control or a fully automatic remote control system. All three of these amazing features mean the Verine Passion HE fire will always make your home feel comfortable, warm and welcoming to all.

This fire boasts a high 82% efficiency rate, meaning it will produce high outputs of heat to warm you, but require less energy to do so compared to a lesser efficient fire. This is thanks to the unique and powerful Verine technology that really sets this fire apart from the rest.

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